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15 Years

Combined Operational Experience
Overseeing Regulated Licensed Cannabis Facilities

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Cannabis Consulting Services for Extraction Labs, Retail, Manufacturing, and Cultivation.

Our expertise has taken multiple vertical cannabis operations from the start-up phase through operations and eventual profitable exits.


Starting and operating a Cannabis Business is confusing and complicated. Complying with local regulations, getting financing and licensing, and choosing the best products and business tools are all detail-laden steps that must be done properly to set your company up for success.

Offering a curated suite of services unique to each project, High Guide Cannabis Consulting meets the needs of our clients, those entering the cannabis marketplace for the first time, or supporting seasoned operators in need of expansion, staff training, or operational support.

By utilizing phased strategies, we focus on our client’s short term project goals, while building out a structured plan for the lifecycle of their business.


High Guide offers full service medical and/or adult-use cannabis facility design, offering curated design of Extraction Labs, Retail Dispensaries, Product Manufacturing, and Cultivation programs.

We tailor each Cannabis facility design based on each client’s needs, focusing on functionality, efficiency, and compliance. We then work alongside your architectural and MEP teams during the planning and construction process to provide everything they need for success.

A Selection of Services Offered:

  • CAD based drawings and plans
  • Liaison to Architectural, Security, and MEP teams 
  • Production Workflows based on efficiency and regulatory compliance 
  • Construction Costing and Financial Plan Assistance
  • Introductions to best in market Architecture and interior design teams 
  • Scaled designs to seamlessly add additional equipment / methods / or licenses
  • Energy Efficiency & Facility Safety plans
  • Integration of design features in regulatory based SOPs for license applications
  • Meeting with Fire / Police / and Municipalities to review design and safety plans
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Experience Highlights

High Guide has designed over 30 facilities throughout 9 states and one facility in Macedonia.

Our projects have ranged in scope from small independent single license companies to fully vertically integrated facilities for some of the largest multi state operators in the country.


High Guide’s team will work with you to develop design concepts to create a winning cannabis business identity focused on efficiency and compliance.

Supporting new operators to navigate the volatile opening process for new Retail Dispensaries, we offer a full selection of services to guide you and bring your vision and concept to life. We focus on setting you up for success pre-opening, opening day, and beyond.

A Selection of Services Offered:

  • Floor Plan Design focused on Efficiency & Compliance
  • Financial Plan Assistance
  • Licensing / Inspection Support
  • Equipment/Software Selection
  • SOPs
  • Staffing Plans & Training
  • HR and Policy Support
  • Inventory Systems
  • Branding and Market Analysis
  • Metrc/Leaflogix/Biotrack setup/training
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Experience Highlights

Our Team has opened and operated five successful Retail Cannabis Companies, with experience in profitable exits, and one generating yearly sales of $10.5mm.

We have designed and secured licenses for over 15 successful Retail Cannabis Companies in multiple states.

Extraction Lab & Product Manufacturing

High Guide will work with you to develop a highly efficient and compliant facility layout, recommending best in market lab & manufacturing equipment models, solvent recovery integration, post production processes for full lines of concentrates, edibles, vaporizer cartridges, tinctures and topicals.

By customizing layout for potential future methods and automation, we offer designs that can scale and grow with your business.

Offering on and offsite meetings with your Design Team, MEP engineers, fire safety, local Fire Inspector, and investors. We support our Clients’ vision and help bring their concept to life.

A Selection of Services Offered:

  • Design focused on Efficiency, Workflow, and Compliance
  • Equipment Selection and Commissioning
  • Staffing Plans & Training
  • SOPs
  • Licensing / Inspection Support
  • Product Development
  • On and Offsite support
  • Packaging and Branding vendor introductions
  • Financial Plan Assistance
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Experience Highlights

Our team has designed over 20 extraction laboratories and product manufacturing facilities both nationally and abroad supporting Edible Production, Vaporizer Cartridges, CO2, Ethanol, Rosin/Solventless, and various Hydrocarbon extraction methods.

By operating multiple extraction labs and manufacturing facilities from launch, overseeing regulatory inspection processes, and assisting clients in managing their lab/manufacturing sector expansions, we have years of hands on operational experience in multiple markets.

Business & Brand Development

Great businesses and brands are built from the inside out.

We work closely with our clients to understand their vision, business objectives, and assist with a plan to communicate and launch their business and or product lines. Along with our branding design partner, Eat Drink Media Group, we can help you create distinctive brands that make an impact in the market.

A Selection of Services Offered:

  • Market & Compliance Analysis
  • Licensing / Inspection Support
  • Financial Plan Support
  • Product Development
  • Recipe and Workflow development
  • Compliant Packaging Design and Sourcing
  • Best in Market Manufacturing Equipment selections
  • Marketing techniques and Wholesale Platform building
  • 3rd party test passing assistance
  • Product line roll out strategy
  • Metrc/Leaflogix/Biotrack setup/training
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Experience Highlights

Supported the opening of over 15 Cannabis Businesses across different markets.

Launched over 25 brands bringing their products from conception to market.

Set up and successfully managed multiple outgoing wholesale and incoming retail purchasing programs.

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